5 Beauty Trends That Need To Take a Hike


    Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but it seems that some people really need an eye checkup. 2015 was a beautiful year. But I cannot say the same regarding the trends that surfaced on 2015. Fortunately enough, we can all get together and virtually stop them from ruining perfectly good makeup ever again. Lets fight together on this one, and help the world define beauty without all of these horrible makeup trends.


    Bye, bye, Side-Shave!
    Avril Lavigne may have been a bit late on the ‘let’s shave the side of our heads’ trend that sort of started when Skrillex became so popular, (thanks, man!). It does nothing for your features, it doesn’t enhance or define your looks, it only gives you an artificial ‘edge’ which could have been the case for two or three girls that started this fad, but the rest were just copycats. This is the type of look someone goes for when they don’t have any kind of personality at all.

    In-Your-Face Contouring
    You’re not fulling anyone. Your beautiful round face is still hidden underneath chunks of dark brown and medium brown concealer you’re using to redefine your bones. Why isn’t beauty more about enhancing what your ‘momma gave ya’ instead of altering your face to look like Kim Kardashian or any model on the cover of Vogue? Brozing is a much better technique, since it gives you beautiful definition and doesn’t alter completely your natural beauty. Less is more.

    It *just* came out, and it *should* completely die out. Strobing is just another way in which companies try to trick you into buying their products. It’s just good old highlighting, which consists of illuminating the highest points of your face with some sort of powder, liquid, or illuminator. Some people do not even need to highlight and define their features, which is why many girls following this latest fad and ended up looking greasy and shiny like a disco ball. Not at all what you were ‘strobing’ for!

    Thank, You, Kylie Jenner, But No!
    Okay, so she may have not intentionally started this fad, but girls all over Instagram and YouTube have been trying to imitate the youngest Kardashian’s lips by overdrawing their mouths. As it turned out, Kylie had lip injections, (duh!), which led to such plumping effects. Now everyone can stop overdrawing their naturally gorgeous lips and embracing those women who are hiding in the shadows with amazing and natural full lips.

    Spidery Fake Eyelashes
    False eyelashes are stellar. They turn you from Marcia Brady into Tyra Banks in less than a minute. But if you overdo it, you may end up looking like a cartoon version of a woman. Don’t be cartoon, girl. Long lashes are lovely, luscious, and to die for! If you want the red carpet look, simply find a mascara that allows you to take them as far as it is humanly possible … with makeup! Lancôme’s Grandiose Mascara can do that for you!

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