Anastacia – FAULT Magazine (November 2016)

Anastacia - FAULT Magazine (November 2016)

Anastacia stands naked on the cover of Fault Magazine – November 2016. It is the first time the 48-year-old singer shows the scars caused by the mastectomy she had undergone in 2013 due to breast cancer.

In 2003 Anastacia diagnosed with breast cancer. She overcame the disease, but ten years later it came back. And this time her breasts had to be amputated. Long time the singer struggled with her scars. “I hated them. I hated how big they are,” Anastacia said.

Her scars are not on the usual place on her bra-line, but a lot on her back. “The doctors were around my tattoo,” the singer explains. ”The doctors had to find a piece of skin that was ‘untouched’. I did not expect them to be so long, but it was the only way.”


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